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Nowadays business is active and dynamic. To achieve the goals it requires a fast and competent solutions. However, it is impossible to be good at the maze of laws and customs of doing business in different countries at the same time. Knowledge of the banking systems and logistics. Understanding of social norms in countries with different corporate and household culture and traditions.

The deeper understanding of these features takes time. And time in today’s life – is one of the most valuable assets of any business and any project. Generally speaking, time is money.

And the loss of time means not only loss of money. Sometimes, not only the financial side of business or project, but – what is as important – company reputation, and the very existence of the company depend on the correct and prompt decision.

It is possible to organize a department that could quickly solve such issues. Along with the obvious advantages, such structure has a number of significant disadvantages. Specialists of the department may be absent from work due to some personal reasons. Also, there is no sense in making this department large, as it loses economic benefits. The quality of the divisions work might be affected by the dependent position from the company management.

The best solution – is to hire a competent organization.

The advantages of such approach are obvious:

  • Independent expert advice;
  • Accessibility, regardless of circumstances inside the company;
  • Receiving larger amount of information at lower costs.

    And those are not all the advantages.

    Over time, it becomes clear that the successful promotion of business, ideas and projects lies in cooperation of the competent in their fields business partners, which, due to the synergistic effect, leads to the success of the whole case.

  • Stradent Group provides the following services:

    • Business management and representative functions
    • Integrated marketing support
    • Administration of Finance, Internal and external trade operations
    • Assistance in funds and trusts creation assistance for assets protection and continuity planning
    • Organization of the private assets management
    • Development and implementation of the corporate structures, including the systems of corporate security
    • Accounting services
    • Consultation on economic activity matter, tax legislation in various jurisdictions
    • Administration of banking and financial transactions in the country and abroad

    Our company was founded by professionals in the field of finance, logistics, marketing and IT in January of 2008. Initially, we have combined our knowledge and experience to manage business, marketing and finance of our closest clients. The achieved results were highly appreciated. In present time our company has expanded both - range of the services and the geographical presence. We support our business clients in Europe, America, Russia and China.

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